Shul to Open Up at Last! Shabbat Parshat Vayeshev

“Yosef dreamed a dream.” Bereshis 37:5

In Parshat Vayeshev we read about Yosef’s dreams, both of which foretold that his family would one day bow to him. In the first dream, Yosef and his brothers were represented by sheaves of wheat. Eleven sheaves – the brothers – bowed to Yosef’s single sheaf. In the second dream, his family – represented by the sun, moon, and stars – again bowed to him.

In Parshat Miketz we read that, like Yosef, Pharaoh had two dreams, and his dreams also shared a theme, both foretelling seven years of plenty that would visit Egypt, followed by seven years of famine. And, like Yosef’s, in Pharaoh’s dreams the imagery changed from one dream to the next. In the first, the years of plenty and famine were represented by seven heavy, well-fed cows and seven sickly, emaciated cows. In the second, they were represented by seven healthy, plump ears of grain and seven limp, underdeveloped ears of grain.

Interestingly, Yosef’s dreams featured celestial beings – the sun, moon and stars – whereas Pharaoh’s did not. Moreover, Pharaoh’s dreams “deteriorated” as it were. His first dream involved animal life, but his second dream featured vegetation – a much lower life form. In contrast, Yosef’s dreams progressed from the earthly to the heavenly.

The contrast between these two sets of dreams highlights the differences between the dreamers. Pharaoh’s dreams were devoid of anything heavenly, symbolising a person whose mind is wholly engrossed in earthly pursuits. It comes as no surprise that such a person gradually becomes increasingly entrenched in his material obsessions, as is represented by the “degenerative” sequence of Pharaoh’s dreams.

Yosef’s dreams, however, were different. A Jew, even as he goes about the physical world, is always thinking about the heavenly aspects of his life – his spiritual development and G-dly purpose. Yosef therefore dreamed of the earthly as well as the heavenly, and in an order of “progression”, because his life as a whole was in a constant state of growth.

-An excerpt from a talk by the Rebbe (Likkutei Sichos, vol. 3, pp. 805-806)

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7:00 PM Kabbalat Shabbat followed by kiddush, challah, and matzo ball soup RSVP ONLY

10:00 AM Shacharit followed by kiddush & cake RSVP ONLY

Kiddush this week is in honour of the yartzeit of Sharon Apfel’s father.



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Shabbat Times for This Week

Candle Lighting 8:02 PM

Shabbat Ends 9:06 PM


It’s Chanukah this week! What’s on?

Sunday 1st Night Chanukah – Car Menorah Parade! The biggest Chanukah event this year! Check it out and RSVP HERE

Monday – Chanukah Party for Mums & Bubs a fun Chanukah party for 3s and under and a chill catch up for mamas. Check it out and RSVP HERE

Tuesday – CTEEN Chanukah Party ages 13-18. Check it out and RSVP HERE

Wednesday – Rosh Chodesh Society Menorahs and Martinis a women’s evening. FULLY BOOKED

Sunday 5th December: 8th Night Chanukah Extravaganza an outdoor party for the whole family featuring the giant menorah, inflatables, a fire juggling show and more! Dinner served. Check it out and RSVP HERE


Mazel Tovs & Yartzeits

We wish long life to Edana Blieden and Mandy Aarons on the yartzeit of their father.

We wish long life to Sharon Apfel on the yartzeit of her father.

We wish long life to Rivka Thomas on the yartzeit of her father.

We wish long life to Joe Burns on the yartzeits of his parents.


Wishing you a Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Mendel & Esther Hecht