Parshat Vayelech – News & What’s On

With Simchat Torah right around the corner, we are approaching the end of the fifth book of the Torah, and simultaneously the end of Moshe’s days on earth.

The Parshah of Vayelech (“and he went”) recounts the events of Moshe’s last day of earthly life. “I am one hundred and twenty years old today,” he says to the people, “and I can no longer go forth and come in.” He transfers the leadership to Yehoshua, and writes (or concludes writing) the Torah in a scroll which he entrusts to the Levites for safekeeping in the Aron Kodesh – the ark in the Temple.

The mitzvah of hak’hel (“gather”) is given: every seven years, during the festival of Sukkot of the first year of the shemittah cycle, the entire people of Israel—men, women and children—should gather at the Beis Hamikdash in Jerusalem, where the king should read to them from the Torah.

Vayelech concludes with the prediction that the people of Israel will turn away from their covenant with G‑d, causing Him to hide his face from them, but also with the promise that the words of the Torah “shall not be forgotten out of the mouths of their descendants.”

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Until the lockdown eases the following are the only services the Chabad House is currently continuing:

Sunday 10:00 – 11:00AM Hebrew School ZOOM for Kitah Beis and Kitah Gimmel – davening, learning about Yom Kippur, and Hebrew Reading with Morah Esther

Sunday 10:30 – 11:00AM Hebrew School ZOOM for Kitah Alef – davening, songs, and crafting the letter of the week with Morah Hayley!

Sunday 7:00-8:00PM Rabbi Hecht’s Shiur ZOOM – the deeper meaning of Yom Kippur

Friday 3:00-5:00PM Contactless pickup for your Shabbos essentials – freshly baked challahs, kosher wine and grape juice. Reservation only, call or text to arrange a pickup.

Shabbat Times for This Week

Candle Lighting 5:50PM

Shabbat Ends 6:47PM


Yom Kippur 2021

Wednesday 15 September: Candle Lighting 5:54PM

Thursday 16 September: Fast Ends 6:51PM


Mazel Tovs & Yartzeits

We wish long life to Ellen Selkon and Ruth Donde on the yartzeit of their mother.

We wish long life to David Sanders for the yartzeit of his father, and to Nicole Sanders for her grandfather.


Wishing you a Good Shabbos, and we hope to see you again soon!

Rabbi Mendel & Esther Hecht


Photos: Hebrew School students baking honey cookies for Rosh Hashanah together on ZOOM