Parshat Shoftim – News & What’s On

The month of Elul always feels like a special time. It is a month of so many things, so many memories; anticipation for Rosh Hashanah, the house busy like a bee hive. The smell of honey cake, all the preparation and planning that goes into Yom Tov. Sending Shana Tova cards to loved ones, calling them on the phone. Trying to squeeze in a bit more kindness, another minute of prayer. So much preparation. Work to do inwardly, and work to do outwardly. It seems unbelievable that it’s almost Rosh Hashanah again.

This week’s parsha talks about the laws of appointing judges and a justice system, as well as laws relating to Jewish kings. To read more click here

Light Candles at 5:27 PM

Shabbat Ends 6:26 PM


What’s on this week:


6pm Kabbalat Shabbat followed by Friday Night dinner – in memory of Avon Cook Shmuel Avraham ben David

10am Shacharit followed by lunch – in honour of Moria & Arno’s baby boy



9am Shacharit

10am-12:30 Hebrew School 

5pm Pidyon HaBen of Moria & Arno’s baby boy. All welcome, RSVP only



7pm Rabbi’s Shiur



10am-12:00 Mums & Bubs music and movement, challah baking ages 0-3


Mazel Tovs & Yartzeits

We wish Simone Kantor long life on the yartzeit of her father a”h

Happy birthday to Jayden Sarkin!


Shabbat Shalom,

From Rabbi Mendel & Esther Hecht