Shabbat Zachor – News & What’s On

What’s been going on? Mazel tov! We are thrilled to welcome our baby Rosie to the family, and can’t wait to celebrate with you this Shabbos. Purim is right around the corner and we have been busy organising two amazing Purim parties for all ages! Don’t let Purim pass you by…scroll down to check out


Shabbat Parshat Yitro – News & What’s On

Parshat Yitro “And it came to pass on the third day as morning dawned, that there was thunder and lightning…and the entire nation that was in the camp shuddered.” (Shemot 19:16) Why was the giving of the Torah accompanied by thunder and lightning? If it was to drive home the awesomeness of the moment, surely the


Parshat Shemot – News & What’s On

“You shall cast into the Nile every boy who is born, but every daughter you shall make live.” (Shemot 1:22) At first glance, its would seem that Pharoah’s decree targeted only the infant boys born to Bnei Yisrael, but not the baby girls. If so, why was it necessary for Pharaoh to add and emphasise, “but