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It is often said that giving tzedakah (charity) is equal to all the other commandments combined. Humans possess an inherent drive to live, and to live well. This urge manifests itself in working to achieve the desired level of comfort. The majority of people spend most of their day toiling to earn money, in order to maintain or better their standard of living. When a person sets aside a portion of that money, and gives it away to charity, he is not sanctifying merely his food, or some other possession, or his mental capabilities; he is giving up something in which he invested his whole self for Gd’s sake. That’s an unbelievable feat, and that’s what you accomplish every time you give tzedakah.

Every little bit helps, any amount you are able to give per month will go a long way to help us maintain our community and enable us to work together to build a lasting legacy for our children.

If you are able to help, please partner with us today and set up a monthly automatic payment for whatever amount you are able to afford.