Shabbat Parshat Bereshit – News & What’s On

This week is Shabbos Bereshis, the very first Shabbos of the cycle of reading the Torah right from the beginning. In this weeks Parsha HaShem creates the universe and all its creations. Every element found in the world was created by HaShem, and the very last of His creations – Adam and Eve – marked the completion of the task. Now the world was ready. But was it truly complete? Not quite. In fact, HaShem blesses Adam and Eve and sets before them a mission: to conquer the world and fill it. Humankind was given the unique capability that no other creation was given, to take all the elements in the world and use them for their true purpose. To make technological advancements and scientific discoveries. When we do this together with the wisdom and guidance of the Torah, we will surely refine the world, make it a beautiful place, and ultimately make it a home for HaShem.

The Rebbe teaches that Shabbos Bereshis has the power to affect the whole year. The way we spend this Shabbos is very powerful, as it marks a new beginning. May it be a beginning of something truly wonderful.

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Until the lockdown eases the following are the only services the Chabad House is holding this week:

Sunday Morning Hebrew School – The new term will begin on Sunday 17th October

Monday 7:00-8:00 PM Rabbi Hecht’s Shiur ZOOM – Will resume next week 11th October. Moshiach series part 4. A class for men and women

Wednesday 6th October 7:00-8:00 PM Rosh Chodesh Society ZOOM – A class for women with Esther Hecht on women in Tanach & beyond. RSVP for link

Friday 3:00-5:00 PM Contactless pickup for your Shabbos essentials – freshly baked challahs, Shabbos candles, kosher wine and grape juice. Reservation only, call or text to arrange a pickup.


Shabbat Times for This Week

Candle Lighting 7:07 PM

Shabbat Ends 8:04 PM


Mazel Tovs & Yartzeits

We wish Julia Ross a very happy birthday!


Wishing you a Good Shabbos, and we hope to see you again soon!

Rabbi Mendel & Esther Hecht